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How much does it cost to have my hearing tested? 
            At Hearing Services of Middle Tennessee, we offer free hearing examinations and consultations with absolutely no obligation to purchase hearing aids.

How do I know if I have a hearing loss? 
            Hearing loss usually develops gradually without discomfort or pain, which makes it hard to recognize. Family members and friends often notice it first, and people with hearing loss often find ways to compensate. If you or a loved one 
suspects you may have hearing loss, you should have your hearing tested by a licensed hearing professional.  Take our hearing quiz if you think you may have any level of hearing loss.

How much do hearing aids cost? 
            There are a variety of factors that go into how 
much hearing aids will cost. The cost depends on the type of hearing aid, technology level, and the professional services needed with the hearing aid. So, hearing aids vary in price. Our goal is to provide you with the proper device suited to your individual hearing loss, lifestyle and budget.

What if I don’t like my hearing aid? 
            Hearing aids are very personalized products. Before you agree to buy hearing aids you must be committed to making them work. At Hearing Services of Middle Tennessee, we offer a 4 week 
i- home trial on all hearing aids. If you are unable to adjust to your new hearing aids for any reason you may return them within the first four weeks with no out of pocket cost.

Do I need to buy two hearing aids? 
            If our specialists find that you have hearing loss in both ears, they will recommend a hearing aid for each ear. By wearing two hearing aids it maximizes your understanding, helps to localize sounds, improves understanding in background noise, and can help prevent further understanding loss.

What happens if my hearing changes? 
            If your hearing changes your hearing aids will need to be adjusted to compensate for the change. All of our modern hearing aid technology can be reprogrammed if your hearing changes, to ensure that 
your getting the most benefit.

Can I buy hearing aids online? 
            The effectiveness of your hearing aids is dependent on how they’re fit to your ears and how they are programmed, which is, in turn, dependent on the unique characteristics of your ears and your hearing loss. Even if you know exactly which hearing aid you need, the key to making it work is in the fitting and programming of it, something only a trained hearing expert can do. The smart move is to seek the help of a licensed hearing instrument specialist. Our specialists are highly trained in testing hearing and fitting hearing aids.


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